Tuesday, November 23, 2010

17 "Chalk It To Me!"

Ok super amazing DIY'ers.  I may get some eggs thrown at me for this one.  Well, you can throw 'em at your screen if you want, I will be hiding out in my abode.  Because I know how super easy what I am going to show you, could have been done DIY style.  But I didn't.  I shamefully purchased something I could have made.  Because it was easier.  Do you still love me?

But I couldn't resist showing you the impact that my $8 splurge made.  Because it's oh so cute.  And maybe will inspire some not as lazy as me DIY'ers to go at it themselves!

I think I can finally mark my shoe closet as complete.  Here is what went down....

When I last left you, I was already digging our shoe closet, especially since I had just updated the shelving and added the pretty paper:

And then I added a second basket to the top shelf, that I called my "dump" basket.  No dirty birds, it isn't for that... it's for all things that get dumped into piles on the counter.  I can't STAND piles!  They are my enemy.  One pile in our itty bitty house seems like a mountain.  And I am a believer that everything has it's place and am typically pretty good about putting everything in it's place when I am done with it.   But sometimes I feel like being human and just making a pile.  So I do.  Yes, I am an organizing sinner....

But instead of letting piles take over, which they quickly can, I just tossed another basket onto the top shelf of the shoe shelf in the closet.  It was a great place to corral all the things we use extremely frequently, such as my current magazine I am reading, my daily planner, my notebook, travel items that go in-between the car and the house frequently, etc.... Each Sunday when I sift through all of our papers, I also quickly put back anything that is in the "dump" basket that needs to be put back in it's home.  The basket is never allowed to overflow.  Ever.

And this is where the fun $8 splurge came in.  I snagged two chalkboard labels for the baskets in the closet.  Wow, do IHeart these things like crazy!  A D O R A B L E!  It's amazing the impact these little guys can make in the closet!

I have yet to purchase any chalkboard paint.  I want to.  I have intentions to.  I have fun plans for it in the boy's bedroom.  But can you put it on textured walls?  And do chalkboard pens really work {because I have major chalk dust phobia!}  And how many coats do you need?  Your expertise is appreciated!

Until then, I am happy with my first experience with chalkboard labels.  Cute.  Worth the investment because you can forever change where they go and what you decided to write on them.  I mean really, look at the impact that 8 beans made.  A closet that not so long ago looked like this:

Now is another one of my favorite spaces in the home!

What do you think?  Who else is totally getting into the chalkboard craze?  Anyone DIYing their own labels?  Do you heart them as well!?  Anyone gonna help this gal out with some of my chalkboard paint questions?


  1. I have a problem with piles, too. Only, it's a *leettle* different from yours. heehee.

    So my question is... where did you get the shoe racks? What brand are they? If you can remember. We are "doing" our entry and I have looked for some kind of shoe rack. We have (almost) 5 kids. That's a lotta shoes. I need something that is sturdy. Most stores don't provide display models, and the ones they had at Lowe's (rubbermaid I think) seemed pretty crappy. Are Closetmaid ones better? HELP!!! And ty!

  2. Ah love it!

    I am slowly getting into the 'chalkboard' craze... or at least thats what I keep telling myself, because I have yet to show anything for it lol.

    I am obsessed with labels. All kinds of labels. Chalkboard labels are just an added +

  3. @ All My Monkeys... Those look like two of the ?ClosetMaid? kind you can buy at Target stacked on top of each other (they provide a kit to attach them to each other). We have one on my side of our closet, and it has greatly diminished the shoe piles that would happen everywhere (although I can see 3 shoe piles from where I'm sitting right now, even with the shelf in the closet).

    I LOVE the chalkboard craze! I have the same questions, though. I really want to paint our entry wall with chalkboard paint, write my lists on it, and let my toddler go to town coloring on it. We have a pretty bumpy texture on that wall, though, and I do not want to spend a ton of time on something like that (dark paint, no-less), only to have to prime (ugh) and re-paint. I also have some cool kitchen rails from IKEA that I would use with hooks as purse, coat and hat hangers, along with a spice rack as a drop zone for keys and change or a spot for the mail, and a galvanized cup that goes with it that could easily corral all the chalk and magnets (I would splurge on robot magnets for my sons if this dream panned out). So that was anything but terse, but I have been dreaming about this for quite some time, and just have to find out about the texture issue.

  4. I too, Love Labels! & I love your chalkboard labels! Thanks for sharing! I was planning on doing some chalkboard paint in my toy closet (http://delightfulorder.blogspot.com/2010/11/under-stairs-toy-closet.html) but decided to do something different... That's gonna be one of my next posts.

  5. Oh my goodness, SO CUTE!

    I don't think anyone is going to judge you for buying those. Four bucks each is totally worth skipping the DIY. The materials alone could cost that. And the time you would have spent is not time you get to spend with those beautiful baby boys you have. :) Love how the closet turned out!

  6. I love those chalkboard labels - I think I have the same ones (PB Kids, right?) I have three baskets on my mudroom shelf with those labels (hats, mittens, and scarves). I also have a chalkboard wall decal on the inside of my pantry cupboard. I use it to write down items I am low on - a handy reference when planning a grocery trip!

  7. I, too, am looking for good, sturdy shoe storage. I bought one of the shoe cubbies a few years ago and It fell apart(plus didn't store nearly enough shoes). If they are closetmaid, how is the quality? I hate to buy things only to have them fall apart.

  8. I just painted a wall with chalkboard paint and I am loving it. The wall had an orange-peel surface and it took just one coat of Benjamin Moore paint to turn in into a most sensuous black. It's really gorgeous. I paid 15 dollars, painted a 7x8 foot wall and have almost half a can left over.

    I say go for it, everyone.

  9. Loce them! I recently bought a ton of the peel and stick type and they are so much fun!

  10. Hi Jen - I too am a label FANATIC - they get me every time. Doesn't everything look better with a label? Anyway, thought I'd pass along the link to DIY chalkboard labels I found the other day - haven't tried them yet but I'm sure they are in my near future...
    Blessings on your Thanksgiving!


  11. All My Monkeys: I purchased the shoe racks some time ago for our previous lower level walk in closet, I think I picked them up from Target or Home Depot and I believe that they are Closetmaid Stackable Shoe Organizers.

    They were fairly inexpensive, probably between $10 and $15 each. And they definitely aren't a super high quality by any means, however, they have always just been in a closet holding shoes, so they have maintained great.

    Hope that helps!


  12. Donnell Allan,

    Thanks for the comment, it was just the push that I needed to move forward with my project!


  13. I am going to be organizing my laundry room and these chalk labels may come in handy. Thanks for sharing! Love the wallpaper idea toO! That totally transforms the space. :)

  14. I forgot to tell you, you are FEATURED tomorrow with another blog as well! Its your pantry makeover post. So inspiring.

  15. I love the look of your closet! Also the chalk boards are darling. I'd love for you to join my new organizing link party on Mondays!

  16. There are several recipes on pinterest.com for chalkboard paint. Another answer to our prayers ... find a less expensive way to use this decorating tool on more items. You can use your own paint ... even craft store paint and all you need to add is non-sanded grout from the hardware store ($1.99 for a can of it that you use one tablespoon at a time for small projects!) :D:D:D Happy chalkboarding!



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