Wednesday, December 17, 2014

23 November Monthly Organizing Challenge: Link Party Recap!

Time to blow up the balloons and get out your party hats and noise makers, because today we are celebrating you!

I always recommend taking time to sneak a peek at all of the link party goodness, but for those with limited time, I thought I would give you a glimpse at some of the organizational eye candy.  I have a feeling some of you will be cleaning out cabinets, grabbing the paint brush and maybe even building something new after checking out all of these projects!  Even with Christmas around the corner, these will most likely rev you up for a productive January!

If you are like me and love a feel-good before and after story, then you will want to check out the laundry room transformation completed by Ashley.  Such a jaw dropping dramatic difference with storage in every nook and cranny to make the most of her new space.


Kristin recently reorganized the drop zone in her entryway, and I loved taking a tour of the drawers and cabinets!


I am a fan of making every inch of space work hard, and Brit did just that by adding school organization at the end of her kitchen cabinets.


Samantha is one of my favorite organizers, she is always working on something inspiring.  Her bathroom shelves really make my heart race, and now they are even better with the help of some secret storage she implemented!


Little boxes work great for organizing endless types of itty bitties; sewing supplies, desk accessories, jewelry... Amy got creative with washi tape, craft paint and a wooden box and was able to create something extra sweet.


If being jealous is wrong, I don't want to be right.  My beautiful friend, Cyndy, found the deal of the century on some clear organizing bins.  Now she is using them everywhere, as she should be!


Amy is one smart cookie!  She created a baking cabinet that is beautifully organized yet super simple to maintain.  Holidays, birthday parties and gifting baked goods to the neighbors, all will be easy breezy going forward!


No built-in cabinet space?  Bring in a piece of furniture that boasts cabinets and drawers and now you can create the baking storage of your dreams.  That is what Barb did and it turned out magical!  Especially the beautiful drawer liner!


Nothing beats a good high/low project!  Katie created these Anthropologie look-a-like hooks and they turned out absolutely fabulous!


Another dramatic before and after for you, but this time you get to check out Rosy's new closet!  Function and form galore!


We all love a good furniture makeover don't we?!  Finding a piece on Craigslist or at a local thrift store and giving it new life can be really invigorating!  Megan discovered an easy way to restore original hardware, and I personally can't wait to give it a try!  Life changing tips my friends!


Another smart Megan DIY'd inexpensive and practical jewelry storage!  You can't go wrong when easy is the name of the game!


If you are not already using a shoe pocket organizer to manage all of your cords, both Stefanie and I agree that you should be!


If you need any proof that color and a little creativity will go a VERY long way in a space, you must check out this tween room update done by Kiersten.


And Nikki shows us that the same applies to small items; like trays!


Did any of you participate in the One Room Challenge this year?  I am always amazed with how much everyone is able to accomplish in six short weeks, and Lo's office/playroom update is no exception.  She DIY'd storage, organized a closet, put together the most charming nook for her kiddos, and much more!  Definitely one worth taking a peek at!


Labels are always a good thing.  Pretty labels are a GREAT thing!  They made a huge difference in Michele's spice cabinet project.



Once again, so many real projects done by real talented folks.  I truly appreciate that you all put so much heart in all you do and that you take the time to share and link up each month!  Your inspiration is endless and I always feel invigorated after spending hours reading your stories and checking out your creative projects.   This is only a piece of the awesome pie, find many more ideas and storage solutions here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

44 DIY Gold Foil Art - Holiday Edition

I knew that I really loved the Mr. & Mrs. DIY gold foil art that we created for our master bedroom update, but I didn't realize just what a hit it would be with many of you fine folks as well!

Thank you all for your excitement and interest in the project, I am finally back with the tutorial.  However, because I didn't snap photos of the process the first time around, I decided to make even more of the fabulous foil art for the holidays.

I did use my Silhouette for the project, but it really just made it a smidge easier.  Anyone can do something similar with the real secret weapon behind the art.

Silhouette sells double-sided adhesive sheets, you can also find them here on Amazon.  I LOVE this stuff!  Think double stick tape, but on a full page scale!  For this project I also use sheets of gold foil, a brush and a pokey tool, which is my technical word for it.  I also pictured a pair of scissors because if you don't have a die cutting machine, scissors work to cut out any shape or design you wish.

I decided to create two gold foil art pieces to mix in a grouping of six frames; be merry, be bright!

Now, what makes this stuff so great is that once you peel off the back, it becomes sticky.  So I peeled the back of only the lettering, and adhered it to black cardstock.

I then peeled the top layer, which now made the top of the letters sticky as well!

Being left with an exposed sticky surface, I then placed pieces of the gold foil over the entire set of lettering.

I lightly rubbed the foil over the lettering and then used a dry bristle brush to remove the excess foil.

A slightly scratchier brush bristle seemed to give the foil a little extra texture and shimmer.

Gah!  So pretty!!

While I was making holiday frame ready pieces, I decided to add a second option to our playroom.  For this one, I just used my computer / printer to print out the silhouette of a deer onto regular white cardstock paper.

I printed it in red because I was planning to add red glitter to the top, which would give it some shimmer.  Using the fine tip of craft glue, I filled in the entire contents of the deer silhouette.  If you don't have fine tip glue, a small craft paint brush would also work to spread the glue.

The entire deer was doused in glitter!  Now that is something I can party with!  Once dry, I popped it in a simple frame and added it to the boy's playroom shelves.

Random tip:  Use a small piece of mounting putty to prevent your ornament bulbs from rolling around.

And here is a sneak peak at the other two prints framed in our lower level living area.

We finally have all of our furniture moved around and are about 75% done with our Christmas decorating, so fingers crossed I will have much more to share within the next day or two.  If only I can keep my little guys awake long enough to finish things up in their playroom... they like to sleep on the job.

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